We regard security of your personal data and protection of your privacy to be of the utmost importance and we would like you to be advised that Lotus Hotel Apartments complies with the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data set by the new European Parliament Regulation 2016/679.

Personal information is information that identifies you such as your name, email address, etc. Lotus Hotel Apartments does not collect your personal data unless you have provided it explicitly for a specific purpose and provided you have given your consent to their use.

The Hotel saves your personal data for completing the door-book which is legally required and uses them only if you give your consent to send updates, newsletters and special offers.

Lotus Hotel Apartments reserves the right to disclose your personal information if the law so requires or if such notification is required by the competent governmental bodies, administrative authorities or law enforcement.

The Hotel guarantees that it will not share by any means your personal data to third parties for any purpose or use but may send you informative material via email.